MDOT prepares for another winter blast

It looks as if Mother Nature is keeping her grip across Mid-Michigan... MDOT says this winter has been worse.

"Well we have used so far 31 thousand tons of salt this year and that is 3 thousand pound more than we used last year," said MDOT employee Anita Richardson.

The late February storm is cutting into the last bit of the MDOT's original 56 thousand tons of salt.

"We have got 25 thousand tons on contingency and we will be prepared," said Richardson.

Just weeks after more than 20 cars collided shutting down interstate 23 southbound in Fenton Township. Michigan drivers are ready for warmer weather.

"Iâ??m just ready for spring it has been a long winter," said Michigan driver Stella Switala.

MDOT says their ready for these harsh freezing cycles to end.

Financially, this winter has taken its toll.

"Weâ??re facing an ongoing transportation funding crisis at a time when our roads are in desperate need of fixing," said Richardson.

Fixing potholes and other driving hazards other then what drivers are calling relentless snowfall.

"We are heading south so we could head into the rain mixed with some ice so we are hoping to beat it home," said Switala.

MDOT says they will have crews working around the clock and overtime on primary routes.

But they can't stop all accidents from happening.

"It is your responsibility to make sure you can stop in the clear distance ahead," said Richardson.

You can follow the storm online using the twitter hashtag, stormwatch.