MDOT to improve safety on M-46 in Thomas Township after teenager dies in single-car accident

The Michigan Department of Transportation is adding a dedicated left lane to M-46 in 2015. This busy stretch of road is near where Lucas Isom, 19, was killed while driving to work.

â??Itâ??s rocked our world,â?? says Michelle Isom.

Everyday, Isom drives by the intersection where her son lost his life.

â??Instant pain and emptiness. Numb,â?? says Isom, describing her feelings. â??I picture what my sonâ??s last few seconds of life were like.â??

Lucas Isom, 19, was killed in a single-car accident on M-46 in August.

Thomas Township police say Lucas was not speeding nor was he under the influence or distracted at the time of the accident.

â??On his way to work, not speeding, not talking on his cell phone, something this awful happens, you can't make sense of it,â?? says Isom.

â??It's a busy area,â?? says Anita Richardson, spokesperson for MDOT.

The Michigan Department of Transportation will make changes to the busy stretch of road in Thomas Township, In 2015, a dedicated turning lane will be added.

â??There is a need to make it more safe for people to make those left turns in the area and so we're taking the action that's required to make sure that the driving is more safe,â?? says Richardson.

Business owners along M-46 are also welcoming the addition.

â??Iâ??m very happy, it's a very dangerous intersection there, Iâ??ve seen a lot of accidents and it's been terrible,â?? says Penny Slick, a hairdresser at The Hair & Now Salon.

â??I just wish they would've considered it a little bit earlier but absolutely let's make it right so no other family has to go through this,â?? adds Isom.

The Thomas Township community is holding a spaghetti dinner on Sunday, November 10th from 3 until 7 at the Crooked Creek Banquet Center in Thomas Tow