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      Meat is healthy

      Dr. Dan Kehres
      Meat is getting a bad rap. It's actually quite healthy for you, according to Saginaw chiropractor and healthy living advocate Dr. Dan Kehres. On NBC 25 Today, Dr. Kehres admits he's no vegan. He loves read meat, but only specific kinds. The former college football running back is now a picture of health. He teaches classes on healthy eating. He says meat is good food. From his website, www.dr.kehres.com:

      Healthy red meat offers healthy benefits:

      Contains healthy fats â?? Omega 3â??s

      Anti-inflammatory which can help reduce pain and prevent disease

      Contains CLA â?? can help with weight loss

      Healthy protein

      Increases energy by high iron content

      An Australian study found that women who ate beef or lamb daily were half as likely to have major depression or anxiety

      How to find healthy red meat

      There is a big difference between grain-fed, farm-raised cows and grass-fed, free range cows

      Animals are meant to roam free and either eat grass or forage for food, when you feed them grains it makes them sick so they typically have to be given antibiotics. This causes their meat to become not only inflammatory from the grains but loaded with antibiotics.

      80% of all antibiotics are used on factory farm animals. This is a startling and scary statistic.

      Look for antibiotic-free and organic meat, even betterâ?| meet the farmer that raised the meat. They will be able to tell you exactly how the animal was raised, including if the animal was given any antibiotics.

      Some countries have already taken steps against unhealthy meat. For example, Denmark began restricting antibiotics used for growth promotion in meat 1998. All uses of antibiotics in food animals must be accompanied by a prescription in a valid veterinarian, and veterinarians cannot profit from the sale of antibiotics.

      Some places from where we buy our meat:Erskine Farm, Saginaw - 989-781-8949Garrett Cattle Company, Mt. Pleasant -- 989-944-0124Tedâ??s Meat Market, Saginaw â?? 989-793-9750