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      Meat prices increasing as grilling season begins

      A display case at Kern's Sausages in Frankenmuth.

      The grilling season is just beginning and you will likely be paying more for meat.

      People are paying about five percent more for pork and seven percent more for beef compared with last year, according to numbers from the USDA.

      Local meat suppliers say the costs have jumped even higher for them. ??The pork shoulder meat which is what's used for sausage...that's one of the ones that have gone up the most, as much as 60 percent this year already,?? said Ron Kern, co-owner of Kern??s Sausages in Frankenmuth.

      Continued drought across the country has thinned cattle herds and a virus has killed millions of piglets.

      Kern expects prices to remain up for the rest of this year and part of next before we see relief. He says some in the industry are concerned about getting enough pork to meet their needs.