Medical examiner testifies at Brandon Hayes murder trial

Calhoun was tortured and beaten for days at this Argentine Township apartment complex in 2010.


he murder trial of
Brandon Hayes continued Tuesday in Genesee County.

Hayes is

accused of beating four-year-old
Dominick Calhoun to death in April 2010.


medical examiner testified Tuesday about the condition of the toddler's body.

Brian Hunter testified that the child's body was either bruised or burned from head-to-toe.


oo many (bruises) to count all over the body and so massively bruised and burned, injuries on top of injuries," said Hunter outside of the courtroom.


he graphic testimony and pictures were too much for still grieving family and friends.
Many wept openly in court. The defendant, Brandon Hayes, sat without emotion throughout the testimony.


he medical examiner testified that he's never seen such a savage beating

saying, " '

ve seen somebody with their head taken off and this was more severe than anything
I've ever seen."


lso, according to the medical examiner Calhoun was extensively bruised and burned in the genital area.

Hunter testified that Calhoun had two teeth violently knocked out.

The defense was quick to counter, claiming for the first time that the child's mother Corrine Baker had been responsible for the deadly beating.


past was also brought into question.


ccording to an
Argentine Township police officer who also testified Tuesday, Baker had struggled with vicodin and crack cocaine addictions.

Baker and her seven-year-old son Tyler are set to testify at some point during the trial, perhaps as early as Wednesday.