Medical examiner testifies in Bluew trial

Dr. Virani demonstrating a type of neck compressio that he says killed Jenny Webb.

Saginaw County medical examiner Dr. Kanu Virani testified his expert opinion on the death of Jenny Webb.

â??I call this homicide,â?? said Dr. Kanu Virani.

Dr. Virani says Webb died as a result of neck compression.

According to Virani there are three types of neck compression. One by ligature, one manually leaving bruises, and a third that he says killed Jenny Webb.

â??What the third one is, is pressure applied to the neck but it would not leave any outside injury but still prevents blood from going back and forth from the brain,â?? said Virani.

Dr. Virani demonstrated the act he says killed Webb for the jury to see.

â??I try to flex my elbow and apply pressure,â?? said Virani.

During his testimony Virani said when a person is in a situation like this the body reacts immediately.

â??A person is going to have a fear of dying so that is experience so the rest of the body is going to have a lot of movement to get out of the situation,â?? said Virani.

During the autopsy of Webb, Virani finds additional injuries on her body.

Facial wounds, bruising on her arms, a dislocated wrist and a drop of blood in her ear.

â??Taking the dried blood out there was no injury associated with it. So the drop of blood came from someone else,â?? said Virani.

Virani also spoke of Webbâ??s unborn baby. She was eight months pregnant when she died.

â??When mother lost circulation baby looses oxygen and dies within minutes,â?? said Virani.

Lieutenant Jason Teddy of the Michigan State Police finished his testimony this morning and the defense has yet to call their first witness.