Men rescue father, son after car goes off bridge in Flushing

Chevy SUV plunges off bridge down a ravine

A father and son are recovering after their car plunged off a bridge in Flushing.

It happened on the corner of Main and Maple Street. Witnesses on scene, say the driver was traveling westbound in a Chevy SUV when he apparently lost control, hit a truck and then plummeted off the bridge into a ravine near the Flint River.

Pat Scanlon of Flushing rushed to help pull the father and son from the wreckage along with 2 men and said,

"I somebody yelled for help so I just took off running down there with 3 other guys to help push the car out. We pulled the boy out and he had a nasty gash on his head, so we got some pressure on it and held it until the ambulance came."

The rescuers say both father and son sustained minor injuries but are expected to make a full recovery. Mother of 3 Kelly Williams who was stopped at the intersection saw the scary moments play out just before the crash and said,

"It was very shocking, I have never seen a car go off the bridge like that. I've always heard about those things but I could of never imagined that really happening."

The Flushing Police department is investigating the crash and have not released anymore details about the investigation.