Metal thieves target Purple Moon night club

Thursday, the owner of the Purple Moon night club on Dort Highway found out five air conditioning units were smashed and the metal from them stolen.

Scrap metal thieves used a ladder to get up on the roof, pull them apart, and take them away.

"It's no jobs. These people are looking for jobs. They're looking for money," says a neighbor who did not want to be identified. "(I feel) insecure. I have two dogs now."

Next to the Purple Moon night club sits two trailers. One of the doors has been ripped off and there's graffiti.

"I have to run people off from around the neighborhood because they're not welcome."

Neighbors say the area has been taken over by vandals, thieves, and prostitutes. They say they have to shout at them two to three times a night to go away.

"We're going down. We need jobs."

It's not just in Flint, in March metal thieves stole air conditioners from New Jerusalem Full Gospel Baptist Church in Genesee Township.

They also stole a catalytic converter from a woman's van while she attended an evening service at Guiding Light Church.

In Richfield Township, several air conditioners were vandalized at Emmanuel Baptist Church.