Meth explosion averted at Clio apartment complex

First meth bust in Clio / Dillon Collier

Update March 31st, 4:09 p.m.

Police tell NBC25 two women had been questioned in connection to the meth lab. The suspects, who were born in 1976 and 1977, were booked and released. No charges have been filed, as State Police await lab results.

Update March 31st, 11:25 a.m.

Detective Rick Witham says officials are waiting for varous test results to come back in this case. The information will then be turned over to the Genesee County Prosecutor for review. Due to the ongoing investigation, he could not comment on whether the suspects were residents of the apartment complex.

Police investigate the first meth bust in Clio.

Families at Oak Brook Apartments are shaken up to say the least.

The manager says enough meth was found to explode one of his apartment buildings.

Nobody knew about it. Nobody caught it until it was almost too late, said Ashley Hillaker, who lives at Oak Brook Apartments.

Clio resident Ashley Hillaker watched with her two year old daughter as police worked to take a part a meth pot found at the apartment building next door.

Hillaker says she's furious her neighbors at Oak Brook Apartments would put her family in danger.

The fact that they could have exploded that building and taken ours out too, and my daughter TMs here and there are plenty of other kids out here too, said Hillaker.

The apartment manager says he decided to call police after his tenants started complaining they were having headaches.

I smelt some funny smells that were coming from the apartment. I had numerous tenants that were calling me and telling me about the smells, said Ronald Auxier, the Manager of Oak Brook Apartments.

Clio police say they arrived Tuesday night and found a meth lab at one of the third story apartments.

This is the first one we have ever had, said Detective Rick Witham of the Clio Police Department.

Michigan State Police were called in Wednesday to make sure the meth pot, a bottle filled with chemicals, didn't explode.

There was enough chemicals in the apartment that if it had exploded, I would have had to evacuate the whole building, said Auxier.

The manager says he hopes the scene at his apartment complex sends a message to other would-be criminals.

To let them know that we're not playing here, and we're not going to have it here. Oak Brook Apartments have been brought up a lot. They have a good reputation now, hopefully, said Auxier.

Hillaker says she plans on staying at Oak Brook Apartments, but hopes it's the last time her daughter will have to see anything like this.

Police say the investigation has just begun, and are not releasing how many people are being questioned, if anyone has been arrested, and who they are.

Clio police say the meth was contained to the apartment, and tenants at Oak Brook are not in any danger.

Do you think meth labs are becoming more common in Mid-Michigan?