Methamphetamine crackdown headed to Michigan

Lawmakers in Lansing are taking aim at makers of methamphetamine. Both sides of the aisle passing a bill in the state House of Representatives making it more difficult to buy key ingredients you can find in your local pharmacy.

Michigan ranks sixth in the nation when it comes to the number of reported methamphetamine labs,

â??It is extremely dangerous because hazmat teams have to come out and the risk of explosions,â?? says Archie Bowers, a substance abuse counselor with Catholic Charities of Flint and Owosso.

Heâ??s all for a new effort by lawmakers to make it more difficult to buy methamphetamine ingredients.

â??Anytime the legislature tries to crack down on illegal substances is a good idea,â?? says Bowers.

The new bill creates a methamphetamine database. Anyone with a methamphetamine conviction would need a prescription to buy pseudoephedrine.

â??You have to give them your driverâ??s license,â?? says Det. Lt. Patrick Richard with Flint Area Narcotics Group. â??They run it through a system to see how much you've bought in the last 30 days,â?? he adds.

Richard says the new bill, if passed, will help the problem from spreading.

â??Weâ??re finding it in Genesee Township, Mount Morris Township, on the east side of Flint, the south side of Flint, it doesn't matter. We're finding it pretty much everywhere,â?? says Richard.

â??I used to never hear about it--not in Flint,â?? says Bowers.

â??Weâ??re moving the right direction, every little bit helps,â?? adds Richard.

The bill passed 105 to 3 in the Michigan House of Representatives. It now heads to the state Senate.

Michigan State Police reported 641 methamphetamine incidents in 2013---that's up nearly 100 from the previous year.

If you know someone who needs help with drug counseling, Catholic Charities of Flint & Owosso has information here.