MI Red Cross volunteers on the move

Two dozen volunteers are scheduled to travel to New York where Superstorm Sandy has destroyed homes, and halted most public transportation.

â??Almost all of them have been assigned to working in shelters. That's where they are needed because of the flooding," said Red Cross coordinator Richard Beauchamp.

The Michiganders heading out are seasoned veterans in disaster relief. Most participated in hurricane's Katrina and Isaac, as well as the wildfires out west.

"This one I have no idea, every one is different and from what i have seen on the news, it is going to be a bad one,â?? said volunteer Marsha Robinson.

The volunteers are making calls and scheduling flights to Philadelphia. From there they will get further instructions.

"Whether to rent a car, where to get the rental car, where to go, or there will be a shuttle bus to pick you up look for the Red Cross sign," said Beauchamp.

Despite the danger and stressful situation Clarence Frost has done this before.

"As long as they have a warm place to sleep and food in their bellies that's our main job right now. Just knowing you helped somebody gives you that good feeling inside,â?? said Frost.

Todayâ??s volunteers will not be traveling together. However, some of the earliest flights were tomorrow morning around 7am.