Michigan Breastfeeding Anti-discrimination Act signed into law

Amanda Dixon of Grand Blanc Township breastfeeding her daughter. A new state law gives her and other mothers protection to breastfeed in public places.

A new Michigan law is giving breastfeeding mothers the right to nurse their baby in any public place.

Governor Rick Snyder signed the Breastfeeding Anti-discrimination Act on Tuesday. The lawmakers who pushed for it say it was in response to women being kicked out of places for nursing in public.

Mothers have always been able to breastfeed in public and have been exempt from public indecency laws. Michigan now becomes the 46th state to enact an anti-discrimination law that will provide breastfeeding mothers with more protection.

â??I think all breastfeeding moms in Michigan right now are just jumping up and down,â?? said Amanda Dixon, Grand Blanc group leader for La Leche League International, a group that pushed for the new law.

When signing the law, Governor Snyder said there are proven health benefits to breastfeeding. He says it provides good infant health, reduces infant mortality rates, and prevents obesity.