Michigan Brewing Company moves into old Fenton Fire Hall, brings new jobs and beer

Inside fire hall

The old fire hall in Fenton will soon become a hot spot for beer lovers.

The Michigan Brewing Company is bringing a half dozen new beer flavors to Mid-Michigan and 75 jobs with it.

It was once a place that put out fires, now it will quench your thirst.

The Michigan Brewing Company is moving into the old fire hall in Fenton.

Vacant since 2003, the Downtown Development Authority had a hard time finding a new tenant.

But the Michigan Brewing Company agreed to pay property taxes and lease it for $1.00 a year. In the end it was a perfect fit for both parties.

Its in fantastic shape, the angle it sets to the road is very unique, and having the Shiawassee River behind us with the mill pond and the waterfall, it TMs a beautiful location, said Bill Tadrick, the General Manager of the Michigan Brewing Company in Fenton.

The main fire hall will soon seat 140, beer will be brewed in the storage area, and the jail cell once used to detain drunks since the 1930's will be put to good use.

Who knows, if we see someone who is too intoxicated we may throw them in there, said Tadrick.

One thing that won't change is the old clock tower bell. They plan on keeping it to signal the beginning of happy hour every day.

During happy hour customers can sample six varieties of beer only found in Fenton.

Stouts, porters, brown ales, said Tadrick.

The menu will consist of Michigan grown animals and produce.

We have to look out for ourselves. We have to support our own communities if we expect our communities to support us, said Tadrick.

The Michigan Brewing Company says they also support the church next door.

Our plan is to be good neighbors with the church and we don't want anyone upset that we have an event going on and the parishioners can't find parking spots, said Tadrick.

The Downtown Development Authority says the brewery will create up to 75 jobs and it TMs already starting to revitalize the downtown.

And we are already finding out that other businesses are wanting to relocate to downtown Fenton, said Craig Schmidt, Chair of the Downtown Development Authority.

The summer of 2012 you'll find a cold one at the Michigan Brewing Company on a hot day.

If you're interested in applying for a job at the Michigan Brewing Company they're already accepting applications and will start hiring next spring.

The Michigan Brewing Company is based in Webberville with a branch in Lansing.

A pint of beer sells for around $4.50, cheaper than other breweries because the Michigan Brewing Company says they don TMt use a distributor.