Michigan DNR says license hike will benefit everyone

Life long fisherman Craig Bishop says he is still going to purchase his fishing license next year.

Itâ??s the first significant fee increase in more than 15 years but the Department of Natural Resources promises to deliver a bang for your buck and keep Michiganders enjoying nature.

"Itâ??s really peaceful out here and if you catch a fish that just a bonus," said lifetime fisher man Nick Altman.

Altman has seen it all on Michigan waters and remembers the original DNR fees for fishing.

"Probably four or five dollars that was a long time ago," said Altman.

Starting in March fishing all species will cost $28 rather than $26. And hunting is going up to $31. Learn about the restructuring of hunting/fishing licenses on the DNR website.

"What that means is that we now will tie for the lowest license price in America," said Chief Wildlife Officer Russ Manson.

The Department of Natural Resources does not collect on state income tax. They rely on license fee's to maintain Pure Michigan.

"What we will do is better and more for these license dollars. Itâ??s not about filling holes itâ??s about meeting priorities to make Michigan even more competent than it is at the present time," said Manson.

Knowing DNRâ??s long term plan Craig Bishop is going to stick with his pass time.

"It doesn't bother me as long as its going to the preservation and the funds wont be misspent," said Bishop.

And lifetime anglers agree bad day fishing is better than a good day at work.

"Itâ??s not that expensive for what we enjoy," said Altman.

Under the new law some things are not changing seniors, young hunters and members of the military will continue to receive a discount.