Michigan DNR: Wild hogs a growing concern

Vic Starke of Marion Springs owns 60 acres of land, mainly used for hunting.

But lately, some unwelcomed guests are visiting. Feral swine, or wild pigs.

Starke estimates two-dozen wild pigs have invaded the marion springs area in southwest Saginaw County.

Ed Golder of the Michigan DNR says wild pigs are tough to catch because they are elusive and nocturnal.

They were originally brought into the state for the purpose of hunting at wild game ranches.

However, many of them have escaped, and are now breeding in the wild.

The DNR says wild pigs breed twice per year, having 4-6 piglets per litter. They say they are trying to get a handle on the problem before it gets out of control.

According to the DNR, wild pigs have been found in 75 of Michigan 's 83 counties, including the Upper Peninsula.