Michigan lawmaker pushes for interstate speed hike

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aily commute could be speeding up a bit if a
Michigan lawmaker gets his way.

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County Sheriff, state Senator Rick Jones (R-Grand Ledge) has proposed a package of bills that would change the speed limits on many Michigan roadways using the scientific, 85th percentile method.

"This principle has been widely known by the state police to be the safest way to set a speed limit," said Sen. Jones.

State Police determine speed based on how fast 85% of drivers travel.

Sen. Jones said the method would avoid speed traps targeting the "working poor."

"They're traveling at a safe speed with the flow of traffic but somebody posted artificially slow signs so they could get revenue for the city or township," said Sen. Jones.

He said the method can actually reduce speed, tailgating and decrease accidents but drivers aren't so sure.



afety, especially in the
winter time we drive a little too fast anyway. I think 70 is a good speed limit," said driver, Ronald Owens.


Jones said there would be no cost to local municipalities.


ocal police departments
would handle the speed studies.

The proposal would not effect school zones, subdivisions, or downtown speed limits.