Michigan lawmakers fight to ban K2

Michigan lawmakers are coming together, trying to remove K2 from store shelves. The judiciary committee has introduced four bills banning the drug and two of them are now on their way to the house.

Representative John Walsh said, they are taking this matter very seriously.

Rep. John Walsh, (R)- Livonia, said "what we are hoping to do is to give the community health department the ability to go in quickly. Even on the best of days, it can take us a month or two to pass a law and that's too slow. These drugs are horrible. They are causing people to die, very violent illnesses. . . People think, okay K2, it sounds so innocent. Bath salts, it sounds so innocent and we are finding how horrible they are."

Nbc25 called around to see who sells it in Mid-Michigan. One business owner told us people come in throughout the week asking for K2 or Spice. However, se didn't receive the answer he probably hoped for.

"We tell them we don't carry it number one and when they ask why, we say it's just not something we're interested in period," responded Jamal Ghoneim the owner of Smokers Kastle.

However the issue is, if you have no luck finding a store that sells it, you can still get it online and it doesn't come cheap.

"It's like anything else. . . When it's so hard to get it, you get a lot of people asking for a lot of money for it," Ghoneim added,

The four bills may be approved by the state legislature next week and could go into effect next month.