Michigan Red Cross volunteers sent for Isaac relief

The Gulf Coast prepares for Issac and the Michigan Red Cross is sending relief.

Forecasters predict tropical storm Isaac will strengthen into a category one hurricane before making landfall sometime Wednesday along the Mississippi coast. The storm has forced the evacuation of some coastal communities in Florida and forced organizers to delay the start of the republican national convention.

Michigan Red Cross volunteers are heading to Florida to set up living quarters for those effected by Isaac. Executive Director of the Great Lakes Bay region Red Cross Joy Buchanan says, â??over the next few weeks we are probably going to have Red Cross responding to not only Florida but also Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana.â??

Response crews have seen Isaacâ??s destruction across Haiti and are preparing for the worst.

â??They have asked for all the emergency response vehicles that are owned by the National Red Cross because the numbers are going to be large and there is probably going to be a lot of people out of their homes,â?? said Buchanan.

If you would like to get involved with disaster relief contact the Red Cross office in Midland.