Michigan residents can soon carry stun guns

TASER guns will need to be activated once they are purchased.

Starting August 8th, Michigan residents with a Concealed Pistol License and some basic training can own a stun gun.

"If the funds aren't there for law enforcement, you do have to take care of yourself, and more people are doing that," said Cary Morin, assistant store manager at Williams Gun Sight in Davison Township.

Morin says the store has already had ten TASER guns pre-ordered.

Some people are calling it the next advancement in 'self-protection', while others say it will be just another weapon used by criminals.

"In the hands of a good person it can be for protection but in the hands of a bad person, you can commit a crime. And we know how the crime is around Flint," Flint resident Ray Collins said.

In order to own a stun gun, a person must have a Concealed Pistol License and go through a small training presentation.

The law was passed in early May.