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      Michigan residents deal with another round of Winter weather

      It's safe to say Mark Payne's recent investment is paying off in a big way.

      "Just trying to get an idea how snow blower words fairly new and trying to get used to it right now," said Payne.

      The Grand Blanc resident trying to get a head start on Old Man Winter.

      "I might come out tonight and try to get some of it done before the road commission plows me in," said Payne.

      In the snowiest January on record in Flint, residents are having a hard time keeping up with the scraping and shoveling.

      "Oh I don't like it. I want it to go away," said resident, Savanna Desjardin as she brushed the snow off her car.

      For those whose businesses depend on the white stuff it's been a good year.

      Tom Klee and his dog Cosmo cleared the way for snowed-in Michiganders Saturday.

      "Between the first of December and first of February this is the longest stretch I can remember of a constant snow cover," said Klee.

      Meantime, many people headed to the grocery store to stock up before the storm.

      "I need to get out and play my numbers. I got to get groceries," said driver, CJ Harris.

      "Nothing to be too alarmed about you don't need to stock up on water, milk and bread and all that stuff just have the bare essentials you need," said Ryan Watterson.

      As Winter bears down on Michigan, residents are taking it all in stride.

      "It's Michigan. You got to get used to it sooner or later it just never stops," said Payne.