Michigan Senate takes no action on Medicaid expansion

Michigan senators adjourned Thursday without voting on the Medicaid expansion legislation Gov. Rick Snyder pushed for. Medicaid covers roughly one in five Michigan residents, mostly low-income children, pregnant women and people with disabilities, including poorer working adults.

Under the measure House lawmakers passed a week ago, nearly a half-million more uninsured Michiganders would receive the government insurance.

But the GOP-led Senate didn't act, and won't return for two months, triggering some harsh words from the governor.

â??How are you going to feel, if you do nothing and you walk in there, and you see chair after chair of working poor people, hardworking people, sitting in those chairs, knowing that's their health care system, when we could have given them a better answer,â?? Gov. Snyder said in a press conference Thursday afternoon. "I want to make a call to all Michiganders,â?? he added, â??to join me and speaking to the Senate Republicans to say, â??Take a vote, not a vacation.â??"

Hospitals, insurers, small businesses and the poor are pushing the Senate to act while conservative groups are pressuring senators to stand firm.