Michigan State Police and elementary students are all on the same TEAM

Trooper Sarah Whitman spoke to third graders about the dangers of drugs and guns through the TEAM program.

Michigan State Police have begun an educational series about the dangers elementary students might face.

The program, called Teaching Educating And Mentoring (TEAM) talks to students about guns and drugs.

Today at Columbia Elementary in Lapeer County third grade students were taught by Trooper Sarah Whitman.

She engaged the students on topics ranging from guns to drugs, even asking them if they knew the dangers of illegal drugs and about abusing prescription drugs.

Trooper Whitman will speak to all of the students in the school, grade-by-grade, so that they will all understand what to watch out for.

It was explained during the program that in rural areas like Columbia meth can be a very real danger.

Some of the students were particularly interested in the items Trooper Whitman uses during her job, like handcuffs.

One student in particular, Jacob McMullen, was enamored with the pepper spray, which Whitman explained was an important tool in her fight against crime.

Trooper Whitman even spoke about how, as part of her training, she was hit with pepper spray.

Trooper Whitman will continue traveling to area schools, giving this presentation four times per month.