Michigan State Police blame City of Flint and others for fatal trooper chase

The response to the lawsuit filed by the children on Jacqueline Nichols who was killed in a crash.

The pursuitl started when a state trooper spotted a driver without a seatbelt near Pierson Road and North Street in Flint. The pursuit lasted only 32 seconds but that was enough time to hit the car Jacqueline Nichols was riding in, killing her.

Her family has filed a lawsuit and now state police is responding.

The response to the lawsuit now blaming the accident on everyone except the trooper who was behind the wheel.

â??Understand that a trooper makes a quick decision when to pursue and not to pursue a suspect when they're fleeing,â?? said Captain Gene Kapp, commander of the Michigan State Police to NBC 25 News in July.

That quick decision leading to the death of 63-year old Jacqueline Nichols. Her family and their lawyer staying quiet Friday but they're placing the blame on Michigan State Police, filing a $50 million lawsuit.

Attorney Geoffrey Feiger speaking out against the trooper in July.

â??Itâ??s totally inappropriate, I hope he's disciplined.â?? Says Feiger by phone.

I hope the Genesee County prosecutor prosecutes."

State police sending condolences back in July.

â??We realize the pain and suffering that is occurring,â?? says Kapp.

But state police denying fault.

Their response to the lawsuit says the city of Flint is to blame for quote maintaining a hazardous intersection.

Nichols' family friend Quincy Murphy not buying the claims.

â??We've been living over here in this community for over 40 years and we never had any problems with this intersection,â?? says Murphy.

State police also saying the driver of the car Nichols was in, Precious Cochrane is responsible. Cochrane was injured in the accident

â??I think it was the state fault for what happened,â?? says Murphy.

State police also finding fault with the subject of the police chase, Curtis Lee. He has been charged in the accident.

Meantime, Quincy Murphy is just hoping for healing.

â??Itâ??s not easy when you lose a mother or a father over something that could've been prevented,â?? says Murphy.

NBC25 reached out to the Michigan Attorney General, the Nichols family and the city of Flint spokesman who all declined comment Friday.