Michigan State Trooper involved in shooting in Flint


A Michigan State trooper has been released from the hospital after he was involved in a shooting late Friday night.

It happened near East Alma Ave. and North Saginaw St. on the Flint's north side.

Police said troopers from the Flint post stopped a car with three passengers inside. The driver was arrested for an outstanding warrant for assault with intent to murder. Police then began searching the driver when a trooper found a handgun. A struggle ensued and the driver tried to speed away with the trooper holding onto the driver and the car door.

The driver then hit a tree and a utility pole, throwing the trooper onto the ground. The driver went after the trooper, who then shot the driver.

The suspect is in a local hospital in critical condition.

***End Update***

Witnesses tell NBC 25 a Michigan state police officer was making a traffic stop when someone in the car was able to get back in. The officer was holding onto the car while heading down Alma Avenue when the driver hit this tree.

"I heard about three or four gun shots around 2 o'clock. At my age i just hit the floor,â?? said Flint resident Colin Edwards.

Neighbors say the officer shot the suspect.

"They just went to stop somebody and they had to end up killing them. That's just horrible," said Flint resident Estella Vasquez.

Police have not released any information confirming the victim or the officer's condition.

Today residents are cleaning up debris from the accident and coming to terms with what unfolded.

"If the guy was in the wrong then guess what? That's what needs to be done by any means necessary," said Vasquez.

Estella Vasquez says she appreciates the police presence in her neighborhood, but worries about officer safety.

â??Their life is on the line also when they stop someone, i wouldn't want to be in their shoes. I appreciate the police department," said Vasquez.

Despite recent activity residents say the north Flint neighborhood has seen less crime and are looking forward to a brighter future.