Michigan welfare five year limit temporarily blocked by judge

Update: November 4, 2011

The temporary block to the Michigan Welfare limit has been lifted. For more details, click here.

The plan to put a five year limit on welfare aid has been temporarily blocked.

The Associated Press reports Genesee County Circuit Court Judge Geoffrey Neithercut issued a preliminary injunction that prevents the Michigan Department of Human Services from using a five-year lifetime limit.

The plan was expected to go into effect this month.

If the plan does pass, about 11,000 people are expected to lose welfare assistance. Previously on NBC25 News, we spoke with a homeless shelter that said they TMre already struggling to provide assistance for those in need. The shelter feared that when welfare is cut, they won TMt be able to help everyone and the results could be devastating.

On the other hand, Rep. Ken Horn says the limit is vital in order to prevent people from taking advantage of the welfare system. He says the measure takes into consideration those who have children or who are physically unable to get a job.

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