Michigan welfare reform goes into effect Saturday

Michigan welfare reform begins October 1st. While some say it TMs a necessary way to save money, others say it will hurt thousands of families.

The bill, authored by State Rep. Ken Horn from Frankenmuth, will limit able bodied people to a 4-year cash assistance limit. NBC25 spoke with Rep. Horn Friday during the NBC25 Today Show. You can hear his full explanation of the bill on the video above.

Under the new law, about 12,000 Michigan families will likely be cut off of their assistance. Also Friday during NBC25 Today, we spoke with a leader at the shelter of Flint, who says they're already forced to turn away hundreds of homeless people each day. The shelter's worried that under the new legislation, more people will become homeless. You can hear the shelter's arguments in the video below.


Proponents of the bill say, though, that it is not fair to taxpayers for able bodied workers to take advantage of the system for more than four years.

Where do you stand on this topic? Is limiting welfare to four years the right thing to do, or will it hurt too many families? Leave us your comments here or on the NBC25 Facebook page.