Michiganders celebrate Memorial Day at Holly's National Cemetery

Michiganders are pausing to remember those who fought and are fighting for freedom.

Locally, the National Cemetery in Holly is fostering thousands.

"I stand here in sorrow in the hallowed grounds of Holly, Michigan where the veterans of recent and not so recent wars are buried," said Keynote Speaker and Decorated World War II Veteran Guy Stern.

Some came for family, or friends but all attended this Memorial Day ceremony for the men and women in uniform.

"When you put on that uniform, you go out and you do things your life changes," said Vietnam Veteran John Freeman.

Freeman is paying his respect to all. And those lost closest to him.

"It was just shocking and Iâ??ve never forgotten him,â?? said Freeman.

Michigan service members are not forgotten. Their mark is left behind here, and in the stories of their families.

"My tie is my husband who is a veteran as well as my father who was in the Army Air Corps in World War II and my uncle who passed away in World War II," said Maryanne Yuncker.

Michiganâ??s traveling wall keeps a close reminder of soldiers lost in recent conflict and what it means to give life.

"If you come back and youâ??re alive thatâ??s real good, but if you don't come back then were here to honor you today," said Freeman.