Michiganders react to President Obama's minimum wage proposal

The president is calling for a hike in the minimum wage. House speaker John Boehner says that when you "raise the price of employment," there are fewer jobs.

A lot of Michiganders are in favor of raising the minimum wage but they do admit, it might be a tight squeeze for local businesses. Headhunters say, a higher hourly wage could inspire people to keep looking for work.

There was plenty of applause to go around for President Obamaâ??s proposed minimum wage hike--but is it a good idea?

â??If you look at the numbers, the time is overdue,â?? says Paul Rozycki.

Rozycki teaches political science at Mott Community College. He says the $7.25 minimum wage rate is not on par with inflation but raising it might be a problem.

â??In large part because there's going to be enough republicans who are likely to oppose that and I would guess it's going to go along party lines,â?? adds Rozycki.

Rozycki seems to be right

â??The way to solve the problems in every household as well as the big fiscal problems this country faces starts and ends with getting people back to work, earning decent wages,â?? says Dan Kildee, (D-Michigan).

Kildee says he supports the president's measure. So does Vanessa Nelson.

â??I absolutely do think it will happen,â?? says Nelson.

Nelson runs Expert Human Resources, a company that helps people find employment. She says a wage increase maybe tough for some businesses but she thinks it will also get people to keep looking for work.

"In the case of the employee, it'll be a great thing. For the business owner, it might be a little tight,â?? says Nelson. â??However, if you want the best employee, you want to attract the best employee, it's going to cost anyway,â?? she adds.

There's also a proposal to raise the state minimum wage to $10 an hour. The people I spoke with say a gradual increase may be better and $10 an hour may be tougher to pass.