Michiganders roll up their sleeves to help tornado victims

Rain fell this morning on dozens of volunteers along Thompson and Jennings roads. However, the Mother Nature did not slow down the force coming to the aid of tornado victims.

Michiganders from across the mitten agree Wednesdays tornado victims are in need.

"I know people are really concerned about us and it feels really good," said Dee Grossman.

Lake Fenton High School retiree Dee Grossman is getting help from former students and family.

"She would be there if i needed something so i am here for her," said volunteer Kevin Knuth.

The Fenton area is organizing a team effort through city council to repair what mother nature dealt.

"I knew they needed help out here so i volunteered and come out to help these people get their yards cleaned up and get their lives back together," said volunteer Scott Townsend.

"We certainly do need help," said Grossman.

Some homes reduced to rubble. Residents along Jennings road say each other is all they have left.

"Everyone in the community is pretty much family to each other," said Knuth.

Scott Townsend moved away after growing up in Fenton. He calls his service a mutual respect.

"I still know people that live down here and if it happened at my house I would want the help too," said Townsend.

This clean up is an ongoing effort and emergency crews admit its going to take a while. But with help from everyone including the children of Randels Elementary School it can speed the process up.