Michiganders split decision for Labor Day weekend travel

A rainy start to the holiday weekend is not slowing down Michigan drivers. AAA estimates that 1.2 million drivers are going to be hitting the road this holiday weekend but the difference is how far they are going to be traveling.

It is a split decision for Michigan residents between hitting the road.

"Were about an hour and had to get out and stretch to make the rest of the six and a half hour drive up there," said Monroe resident John Burkey.

Or going down the road.

"Itâ??s familiar and itâ??s not a long drive up north and this is a nice area nice camp ground," said Grand Blanc resident Dean Pond.

Limited reports of traffic congestion and a dip in gas prices are contributing to what AAA estimates more than a million residents traveling more than 50 miles.

"I have to put premium in so it gets a little ugly sometime but itâ??s not too too bad," said Burkey.

Pond is staying at Wolverine Camp Ground and his decision was about timing.

"Be able to enjoy more of the weekend relaxing," said Pond.

Drivers today say the secret is avoiding the traffic and devising a plan for the way back.

"Were going to try to wait the traffic out. Hit it about six oâ??clock and just make the drive through," said Burkey.

AAA says gas prices are about 30 cents less than this time last year. Make it a little savings for those heading up north and staying home.