Michiganders stock up for the big game

Superbowl Sunday is one of the busiest days for beer sales.

Not everyone could make it to Indy for the big game, at least 111 million viewers watched from home. Beer, chips, and pop are among the best sellers on Superbowl.

You can go to just about any grocery store on game day and you'll find football fans stocking up the foods that make the game better.

Chris Heddleston admits he's one of those shoppers saying, " You got tO have your chicken wings, got tO have your dips, ah, beer of course."

Another shopper, Mike Bowman, agrees saying, " Buffalo wings, buffalo wings is a must."

Americans consume 90 million pounds of chicken wings on game day.

Superbowl Sunday is the second largest day of food consumption behind thanksgiving. The average Superbowl watcher will consume 1200 calories while snacking. Its also the biggest grilling day of the year.

James Webb is covering all bases this year..he's getting take out pizza and cooking.

Pizzia restaurants like Little Ceasers have non stop calls throughout the evening even on a normally quiet sunday. Manager Cheryl Conden says, " More like a Friday and it'll get busier as it gets closer to when the game starts."

For those not staying home, local bars are happy to host. Its one of their highest grossing nights of the year too.