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      Michiganders Weigh In On Synder

      G overnor Rick Snyder's first year in office is officially over. He faced a record deficit and was even the target of an attempted recall.

      T oday Mid Michigan residents weighed in on his job approval so far.

      J anuary 1 , 2011 and Rick Snyder is sworn in as the 48th governor of Michigan. The Republican inherited budget problems and warned that the road ahead would not be easy. A year later and we've seen welfare cut to 11, 000 families and the cutting of more than one billion dollars out of state spending.

      Saginaw resident Carl Wojcik says, " A lmost every state is going bankrupt, he's doing what he had to do."

      D espite all the cutbacks you will still find snyder supporters. Still, even supporters are suggestions especially to the tax system.

      Wojcik continues, " I'd just love to see him tax everybody that's living in Florida and Arizona that put their 30 years in at GM, or Ford or Chrysler."

      F or other Michigan residents the dragging economy is too much to handle lately. Critics of the governor point to recall efforts to get him ousted. Though non have been successful, some voters see the writing on the wall.

      Rachel Green is frustrated with the Snyder saying, " I mean if he's been tired twice to be recalled maybe that's sending a message. apparently he's not doing a good job."

      J ob security seemed to be one of the most important issues to mid michigan residents. Middle class workers in particular want to governor to know they are going under quickly and want something done about it.

      Jan Newman says, " I 'm part of the middle class and my job is in jeopardy and i'm just hoping that everyone can ban together and say we need to do something right for the country. "