Michiganâ??s fireworks law could fizzle out

Less boom, more regulation. Michigan senator Glenn Anderson is calling for the repeal of Michiganâ??s fireworks law.

â??Itâ??s just stupid and poor public policy,â?? says Glenn Anderson, a democratic senator representing Wayne County.

Donâ??t tell that to Jim Boardman, owner of Nightflight fireworks in Bridgeport Township.

"I think it's a little too late to call it quits,â?? says Boardman.

His business could be headed for troubled waters.

â??If they can't buy them here, they're going to go out of state and it's created a lot of commerce out state,â?? says Boardman.

But Anderson says the dollar not worth the danger.

â??I don't believe it was ever intended to be in the hands of people that aren't trained,â?? says Anderson by phone Wednesday afternoon.

Anderson says fireworks are becoming a headache for neighbors. Thatâ??s something Saginawâ??s fire marshal sees first hand.

â??People calling it in as a nuisance,â?? says Ralph Martin, fire marshal. â??People not being responsible."

Martin says fireworks education might be better than more regulation. If people were respecting the time and the hours, it may be a better situation."

Boardman agrees, hoping the booming industry doesn't fizzle out.

"Education is key,â?? says Boardman.

Senator Anderson says he will submit the bill later this month. Heâ??s still trying to find some co-sponsors to support him. When the ban was lifted back in 2011, the Michigan House of Representatives voted in favor 98-to-10 while the Senate voted 33-to-1.