Mid-70's and then cooler with rain

Monday, that's the day, one more warm day as we shoot into the mid-70's.

Beyond that point, we cool down back to the 50's, a number we will be seeing a lot more of.

Showers return on Monday as well, and hit again at the end of the week, bracketing the sun by the middle of the week.

Something that I get asked a lot now is how does the rest of our Spring look.

A lot of meteorologists across the country are answering this same question, and in many cases we are all agreeing and the answer is the same, it's going to be colder.

Why? Well in part you can blame the Great Lakes.

The lakes are cold, that goes without saying, and it takes a lot to warm them up.

As people along Lake Huron learned with the breeze a few days ago, it is enough to keep you at least 10 degrees colder than everyone else.

Systems moving from west to east, the flow of air over Lake Michigan, will keep cooler air over us for a while.

NOT every day, today for an example, but the majority of the time for Spring we should be below average.

Expect low 60's and a few upper 50's, and enjoy this weekend, we may not see many like this one.

I am not entirely sold on us having a colder than normal summer, more on the 50/50 line right now leaning towards chilly but not havign fallen over the line yet.

There have been many past years where in a similar situation we stayed below average, but there have been other where eastern Michigan has gone the other direction.

I will wait to talk about a summer outlook for a week or so until I can get a better grasp of what to expect.

The Farmers Almanac and a few climatologic outlooks look cooler and the way we've been lately (except today and tomorrow), we may be a little cooler this summer.

Although after this winter, cooler being the mid to upper 70's doesn't sound so bad.