Mid-Michigan bridges in need of repair but are stamped safe

NBC25 has a <a href=";id=947299" target="_blank">complete list of MDOT evaluated bridges.</a>

On your way to work or on your way up north chances are you are going to go over a bridge but question is whether that bridge is safe or not. NBC25 has made a list of MDOT evaluated bridges near you.

"It makes you look up and say wow I hope this don't fall," said Saginaw County resident Henry Gibbs.

Sixteen Saginaw County bridges including the Veterans Memorial Parkway Bridge are labeled structurally deficient. Meaning the bridge is in poor condition and needs repairs.

"Just because a bridge is structurally deficient does not mean it is unsafe," said MDOT spokeswoman Anita Richardson.

Department of Transportation engineers are also checking for obsolete functionality.

"It means there is something within the design of that bridge that we need to change," said Richardson.

Widespread 'changes' across Mid-Michigan include more than 30 bridges in Saginaw and Genesee counties that need attention.

"They need repair all over everywhere," said Gibbs.

But repairs cost money. And MDOT says they are fighting an uphill battle.

"Without additional funding it is going to prove more and more challenging for state and local agencies to keep these bridges and our roads in conditions necessary to ensure safety," said Richardson.

Residents say financial troubles coupled with a growing need is a problem for MDOT and locals like Henry Gibbs can only hope to stay safe.

"It don't worry me. It just makes me think a lot about the bridges, they need repairing," said Gibbs.

There are close to thirty bridges that are considered structurally deficient statewide.