Mid-Michigan church leaders await same-sex marriage ruling

Here in mid-Michigan, supporters and opponents of same-sex marriage are anxiously awaiting a decision from a federal judge regarding Michiganâ??s same-sex marriage ban.

A Flint-area pastor says she's already preparing to officiate several weddings. Rev. Dr. Claudene Oliva says she has a waiting list full of couples who are ready to tie the knot---pending this court decision.

But her readiness is met with opposition from some people who say marriage in Michigan should stay between one man and one woman.

Oliva knows exactly where she will be when a ruling is made in Michiganâ??s same-sex marriage trial.

â??Run down to the courthouse,â?? says Oliva.

She's all ready to marry couples like Edwin Yates and Mackenzie Ingram.

â??This is an old archaic law that needs to be removed,â?? says Yates.

â??Love is love and this is a moral issue,â?? says Oliva. â??This is about treating folks, treating families alike,â?? adds Oliva.

But not everyone shares Oliva's enthusiasm.

â??To try and force the definition of marriage into a different mold, I just have a problem with that,â?? says Rev. Mark Brandt, pastor of St. Lorenz Church in Frankenmuth.

You won't see Brandt at the court house. Heâ??s perfectly fine with Michigan's current definition of marriage.

â??The scriptures have clearly defined for us what marriage is and the Christian church should abide by that,â?? says Brandt.

â??Marriage has never been more than a civil ceremony,â?? says Yates.

While these pastors will have to agree to disagree for now, Oliva says even having this debate is a sign of progress.

â??Every person has worth and dignity,â?? adds Oliva.