Mid-Michigan colleges respond to affirmative action changes


FLINT, Mich. -- The Trump Administration advising the Department of Justice to look into universities and their affirmative action policies after an internal document was leaked redirecting the department's resources.

Affirmative Action has been around for decades to ensure people are treated equally regardless of their race, color, creed, gender, or national origin.

Recently Affirmative Action has come under fire with 8 states banning this type of admission policy.

Representatives from 2 and 4 year institutions across Mid-Michigan say they are not concerned about the threat of possibly being sued of the Department of Justice based on their admission procedures.

They all indicated they accept anyone regardless of their race or even gender.

Some universities do require their students to meet certain academic criteria in order to gain admission while other colleges accept anyone as long as they are interested in their academic program.

Frances Gilcreast, the president of the Flint NAACP still has concerns. "The Justice Department is supposed to ensure those rights, not take away those rights. For them to do that within that department is very troubling."

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