Mid-Michigan families react to Connecticut school shooting

News of Friday morning's tragedy rippled through Mid-Michigan. Parents in Flint said were just as shaken up after hearing about the shooting massacre because, they said, something similar can happen anywhere to any parent's child.

Flint Community Schools Spokesperson Bob Campbell said the district extends sincere condolences to the victimsâ?? families. He said the district takes safety precautions on a daily basis for the security of students and staff.

Still, parents here responded with disbelief Friday, and the news in Connecticut is hitting home here.

Flint mother Carolyn Yearby said, â??I just really don't know how to react to it, except kind of bring me to tears every time I hear about something like that, involving anybody, but especially kids."

Tom Mynsberge is the president and ownder of Critical Incident Management, a company that trains schools and businesses for such spontaneous shooting incidents.

â??We can't prevent these things you know. There's more and more being prevented because I know there's a bigger awareness,â?? Mynsberge said.

He added, â??My heart is aching for these kids. I never want to see anything like this happen and especially, you talk about kindergarten kids.â??

Mynsberge extended his condolences to victims families as well.

Fridayâ??s tragedy is also a painful reminder of the February 2000 killing of six-year-old Kayla Rolland, who was shot at Buell Elementary school in Mt. Morris Township. The tragedy made national headlines when Rolland died after being shot point-blank by a six-year-old classmate. The school closed in 2002. It was part of the Beecher School District.