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      Mid-Michigan residents endure oppressive heat, power outages

      Forty-thousand people remain without power and still more could lose it, the heat is straining the supply.

      Bay City Electric Light & Power is asking customers to turn up their thermostats by five to 10 degrees and turn off unnecessary appliances.

      In Genesee County, thousands are still blacked out after Thursday's thunderstorms. Downed trees and debris blocking roads are hampering restoration efforts, while residents are seeking shelters at cooling centers.

      Meanwhile, Consumers Energy crews are working around the clock to get people back on the grid.

      Garrick Rochow, vice president of Consumers Energy Company, said, ??We have pulled in utility crews from both Indiana and Missouri to aid in the restoration efforts.

      "It is extremely hot out there, as everyone's experienced. That is our biggest challenge. Our concern, for one, our employees, but also, concern for the public."

      Consumers predicts all customers to have power back by Saturday or Sunday.