Mid-Michigan schools receive failing grades in annual state report card

The annual Michigan department of education schoolsâ?? report card shows there are select schools in Mid-Michigan that did receive green or lime scores but there's only a few. Flint, Westwood Heights and Beecher school districts receive the worst scores--in the red. While the rest of the Genesee county school districts received a yellow.

Parents are hoping these colors serve as a caution sign moving forward.

Shailynn Fritcher is happy with her daughter's education at Flint's Eisenhower School.

â??They make it so fun for the kids,â?? says Shailynn Fritcher, whose daughter is in the first grade.

Eisenhower is one of three Flint schools receiving a lime score, a good grade, from the Michigan department of education.

â??Well, that's no surprise, it's an awesome school,â?? says Fritcher.

But she's worried about her first grader's education beyond elementary school.

â??I don't like the rest of the schools in Flint,â?? says Fritcher.

The Flint school district received a red score--a failing grade.

â??They are obviously low on the list and so they just have a lot of work to do moving forward,â?? says Bill Disessa, spokesman for the Michigan department of education.

Disessa says schools receiving failing grades must work on closing the achievement gap and improve test scores and graduation rates---not an impossible task, he says.

â??For those schools, they continue to struggle but for the other schools that got off the list, they are certainly making academic progress this year and that's some good news,â?? says Disessa.

Itâ??s progress Fritcher hopes Flint schools make by the time her daughter graduates Eisenhower.

â??I wish they had middle school and high school but they don't,â?? says Fritcher.

NBC25 did reach out to several superintendents Wednesday but they were unavailable for comment.