Mid-Michigan severe weather threat for Sunday

There is a severe weather threat for Sunday, but it depends on several factors to determine how bad, and for how many, it will hit.

The main factor right now is cloud cover with forcasts currently running with a layer of stratus that will cut down on total severe coverage.

The main threat for severe weather remains between 2pm and 10pm.

Basically, this means strong storms will form a thin line along the front and blast through at about 60 mph, and be gone.

If we get plenty of clearing during the morning and daytime, this will stir the pot for a wider coverage.

Winds will be strong, this is a certainty as is the only minor threat for hail.

The rest of the severe threat will depend on the cloud cover, although there is still plenty of energy along the front to provide that fast moving line.

We will have to watch for a spin-up along the fast moving line for the minor tornado threat, but again this also depends on energy gained by clearer skies.

Once the front clears us we have minor showers to deal with and then we are in the clear.

For now just be prepared for the heavy winds and we will see how the cloud cover works in the morning.

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