Mid-Michigan springs into mosquito season

Spring has sprung and Mid-Michigan is heading into mosquito season.

The winter blues are coming to an end and another battle is starting across Mid-Michigan. Mosquito season is on the way. Mosquito agencies say they are taking action now.

Jim Stewart walks the For Mar Nature Trail every day. He looks forward to new blossoms and warmer temperatures heading into Spring and Summer.

"Out here you got all the wildlife turkeys, birds and deer,â?? said Stewart.

Among the summer wildlife are mosquitoes that could be carrying potentially deadly diseases like West Nile Virus.

"They maybe bite you while youâ??re sleeping and other things. That's where disease is transmitted," said Saginaw County Mosquito Controlâ??s Bill Stanuskz.

Abatement flyovers in Bay and Saginaw County are taking flight to combat the initial swarm by dropping thousands of special pellets.

"When it hits the water the mosquito larva eats it and dies within 24 hours," said the mosquito expert.

But mosquito control experts say that wonâ??t stop all of the pests.

"Thereâ??s a lot of habitat out there," said Stanuskz.

One of the best forms of protection is also the most available. A simple can of bug spray can get the job done.

"I carry it in my van all the time," said Stewart.

To prevent the pests from infiltrating your home, get rid of any standing water. Genesee County is also helping residents get rid of common breeding areas like tires. The county has several tire drives scheduled for this summer. Together outdoorsman Jim Stewart hopes to have a mosquito free summer.

"And if you put the right stuff on and you keep them off you, you wont have a problem," said Stewart.

The mosquito fly-overs are going to continue until warmer temperatures move in. Then Saginaw County will start another method called cold fogging along roadsides.