Mid-Michiganders weigh in on gun control as debate moves forward

The debate over gun control in Congress is moving forward. On Thursday, the Senate voted in favor of debating the issue. That's something opponents of tougher gun control did not want to happen.

Conservatives were trying to block debate on gun control but supporters of tougher gun laws beat that effort by just 8 votes.

â??I think they're going nuts over it. Why don't they have more car control? More people are murdered with cars than guns,â?? says Gerald Richmond.

After decades of owning a gun shop in Chesaning, Richmond say tougher gun laws aren't going stop gun violence but don't tell that to democrats in Congress.

â??We in Congress have done little to change the way we address gun violence. I want to change that,â?? says Representative Joyce Betty, a democrat from Ohio.

The proposed gun legislation cracks down on gun trafficking and increases school safety aid. Additional proposals include bans on assault weapons and high capacity ammunition magazines.

â??Well that's a farce. What difference, if you got five rounds in the magazine or ten,â?? says Richmond.

The proposed legislation is also calling for tougher background checks, which is something Richmond and his neighboring congressman can agree on.

â??Background checks is good. Every dealer should do the background checks like I do,â?? says Richmond.

â??The vast majority of responsible gun owners support background checks. It's common sense legislation. It should be enacted. It will make our country safer and I urge the house to take this up as soon as the senate completes its work,â?? says Representative Dan Kildee, a democrat from Michigan.

This is just the first step toward new gun control laws. After a debate, the Senate needs to vote on the legislation and so does the House of Representatives.