Midland community cleans up after flooding

Flood warning continues for the Tittabawassee River and its tributaries in Midland County according to the Office of Emergency Management in Midland.

For residents, the focus is on cleaning up.

The Tittabawassee River is expected to crest late Friday at 27.1'.

The flooding has caused numerous road closures in and around Midland including Main Street from Saginaw to Sugnet and Sugnet Street from Harlow to Main.

The soggy mess also affecting local business.

The beautiful Midland Country Club is not seeing golfers eager to swing their clubs in these conditions.

"This year, March being so bad and April putting a hurt it all affects the economy and what we do around the club here definitely," says Jim Deiters, the head golf professional at the Midland Country Club.

For now, Midland residents-although under water-say only thing they can do is wait.

"That's mother nature. There's nothing we can do to force this issue. Just wait for the water to go down and stop the precipitation that's the best we can do the waiting game," says Deiters.

Authorities caution residents from going near or in standing water.

Do not attempt to drive or walk through water.

Officials also urge people to take extra precaution where electrical items may be submerged.