Midland County flooding starting around Tittabawassee River

Within hours the Tittabawassee River has been taking over the low lying areas in Midland. But people living further inland are facing a tough decision to stay put or move to higher ground.

"Right now its becoming very limited options here," said Midland resident Jim Young.

The water is rising and time is running out for Jim Young.

"We either ride it out or we pack up and go to a hotel for a couple days," said Young.

Young is walking back from parking his car onto higher ground about a half-mile away. Meanwhile, flood waters around his home near Valley Drive are becoming more and more impassible.

"In the fifteen years Iâ??ve been here. This is not typical," said Young.

Mondayâ??s flood waters are just the beginning. NBC 25 meteorologists are predicting more rain for the region.

"We believe that the flood is going to crest tomorrow morning around 11 o'clock," said Midland County Public Information Officer Tori Meyer.

Midland County Emergency Management is preparing for the worst. But no mandatory evacuations have been issued in the City of Midland.

"However there are some residents in the Village of Sanford that have been asked to evacuate," said Meyer.

The latest road closure information is being published online by the county. Fire and police are sending their message directly to each household surrounding the swelling river.

"If you stay around and then thereâ??s an emergency they might not be able to get in. That's a concern of course," said Young.

The National Weather Service predicts the Tittabawasse River will crest around 28.5 feet at about 11 a.m. Tuesday.