Midland County man asks for help from police after Bigfoot sightings

Since the spiritual Bigfoot encounter Padilla has been leaving pizza boxes in the woods.

52-year-old Anthony Padilla is adamant about his encounters with an unidentified primate. Padilla says he doesn't know if his calls to the Midland County Sheriff's Department are going to be answered; however, he says Bigfoot is out there.

Anthony Padillaâ??s video of him walking through the woods has moments of odd tones made in the distance.

"I don't know nothing on earth that makes that noise," said Padilla.

Padilla is asking authorities to investigate what he first thought was a hunter in a ghillie suit on his property.

"I got to confront this guy I was a little nervous. He was all huge like a basketball player mixed with a wrestler football type size," said Padilla.

He says the hunter was a creature commonly known as Sasquatch or Bigfoot and the one in his back yard is spiritual.

"He started getting blurry he started getting fuzzy I started to see antlers starting to evolve and boom he turned around and gave me a vision of a white deerâ??s tale of two hooves jumping away from me trying to forget what I have seen," said Padilla.

Since the spiritual Bigfoot encounter Padilla has been leaving pizza boxes in the woods.

Bigfoot enthusiast Matthew Smith is taking a harder look at the boxes that Padilla says Sasquatch has handled.

"He's rolling them up kind of making it look like there is a sign that itâ??s been there, I noticed a bunch of hair samples in the boxes and out of the boxes," said Smith.

Padilla and Smith say their investigation without police is leading them to more people with the same claims in Midland County. They are asking for help, information and hope for police cooperation.

"Then we can track it down and prove to the world that they do exist right here in Midland County," said Smith.