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      Midland County Sheriff seeking man in connection with a home invasion and attempted abduction

      Woodie Lewis is being sought by police as a suspect for breaking into a home and attempting to detain the woman there.


      The Midland County Sheriff's office says they have now have Woodie Lewis in custody.

      He was captured after receiving word that he was in the Dollar General store located on M-20 and Chippewa River Road in the City of Midland.

      Police are still investigating the incident.

      *** END UPDATE ***

      The Midland County Sheriff's department is investigating a home invasion and attempted abduction that took place in Lee Township.

      Officials say the suspect is Woodie Lewis, who goes by the first name of Adrian. Lewis is a black male that is 6' tall and weighs 270 lbs.

      The victim told police that her former fiance, Lewis, broke into her home and tied her up with duct tape.

      Then, she told police, he refused to let her leave.

      The victim was able to free herself and then escaped her home and drove to the home of a friend, according to officials.

      Officials say she is now being treated at the Mid-Michigan Medical Center.

      Police say Lewis is from Clinton Township but lived in Mt. Pleasant.

      Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to contact Midland 911.