Midland Police officer stands mute on sexual charges

A Midland Police officer, who's also a father, faced a judge on sexual allegations.

Thirty-nine year old Jeffrey Doyle could face up to 20-years in prison if convicted.

The 18-year officer entered a Midland County courtroom in inmate clothing, handcuffs, and shackles.

When asked for his plea, Doyle stood mute to charges of extortion, criminal sexual conduct in the 3rd and 4th degree, and obstruction of justice.

Judge John Hart asked, "Do you wish to waive your preliminary examination on all four of these charges and proceed to circuit court?" Doyle answered, "Yes, sir, I do."

The alleged incident happened February 15th.

Doyle is accused of misusing his position as a police officer.

The prosecutor says the victim is an adult female.

"You don't anticipate or expect those in law enforcement to be charged. Our focus is on the victim and protecting the community regardless of your title or what you do. We're going to do that job," says Michael Carpenter, Midland County prosecutor.

The judge continued Doyle's $400,000 bond even though his lawyer tried to get it reduced.

Defense attorney Douglas Gutscher says, "He was the primary bread-winner for the family. They're having financial struggles at this point and time. If nothing else, just to allow the mother to get a job for him to be able to stay home on a tether."

Jeffrey Doyle had some supporters in the courtroom. They say, they can't believe the person standing there is the same person facing these charges. They say he has four beautiful children and still can't believe the charges.

Pat Perry, friend of Doyle says, "I just feel so bad for them. I can't express it. I can't even imagine what they're going through right now."

Jim Perry, another friend says, "I know Jeff and this shocks me. I never thought it would ever be Jeff."

Doyle's next court date has not been set yet.