Midland storm damage unifies residents

<p>Clean up efforts underway and emotional support contagious in Midland after a line of severe weather blew through knocking down tree's and power lines.</p>

Midland residents along Eastman Avenue near Dilloway Street are without power. Today the streets were flooding with helping hands and turning what they call a nasty situation into something more manageable.

"My mom and dad live in the house next door and she called me all in a frantic," said Midland resident Chad Moody.

Chad Moodyâ??s roots are in the Midland community. The same community hit by a line of severe storms the majority of residents are in the same situation as his family.

"Trees had fallen on her house and garage there," said Moody.

The sound of chainsaws and wood chippers are a sign of recovery. And a beacon for help.

"As soon as I got here and started my chainsaw it was like flies to honey. All the neighbors started coming down," said Midland resident Ten Knight.

Many home and business owners around Dilloway and Campau Drives are receiving immediate help from strangers.

"I grew up in this neighborhood and I thought I knew everybody," said Moody.

"He was out here with a chainsaw and it was just unbelievable how much they already had done before I even got here," said Knight.

Knights dentist office is still standing because the majority of debris fell in the parking lot.

"The community response has been great,â?? said Knight.

But others weren't so lucky. Trees through homes and downed power lines are slowing down relief efforts. But the community is up to the task in midland.

"Itâ??s kind of what I would hope and what I think you would try to do to contribute if it were you," said Knight.

For now the lights remain off around Eastman Avenue but residents say once the sun does come back up they will continue work and help each other.

Check the latest power outages with Consumers Energy.