Midland woman witnesses New York City crash

A Midland woman was in Times Square yesterday when the crash happened. Photo Credit: Arian Perez

"In this day and age you think about the worst," said Midland resident Arian Perez.

She feels lucky to be alive after a close call during Thursday's horrific crash in Times Square.

She had just arrived in New York City and went for a walk with her husband.

That's when she heard the crash.

"We heard this really loud bang, and you know it's not normal, in NYC there's a lot of loud noises, there's construction, there's sirens, there's beeping there's a lot of loud noise but when you hear something like that you just hear metal on metal," explained Perez.

She described what she saw in the seconds after it happened.

"People were screaming, we started seeing people being lifted off the pavement, injured people," described Perez.

Onlookers reached for their phones to get video of the wreckage.

"I think that people have this fight or flight instinct but it seems like nowadays that's changed to flight or grab your cameras and start recording because everyone instantly started recording," she explained.

Just seconds before the crash, Perez - who's 34 weeks pregnant - said she was standing where the car ended up.

"We probably walked through those posts 30 seconds before he landed there," she said.

She's just thankful her husband wanted her to get some shade to escape 90 degree heat on the other side of the street.

It was a decision that likely saved them from injury or worse.

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